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Welcome to Psychbigyaan Network Nepal

Psychbigyaan Network Nepal is a registered organization established in 2015. It is purely youth led organization working to promote Mental Health and Psychology.The word ‘Psychbigyaan’ is an amalgamation of a English and a Nepali word . Psych means Mind and Bigyaan (which is a Nepali word) means science.

Our team has enthusiastic Psychology graduates and Psychology interested youths who have been working actively since few years in Psychology and Mental Health as intern or volunteer. We have a panel of four experts in the field of psychology and mental health as our organization’s official advisers.

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We are looking for the helpful hands to support us in our efforts to create the awareness of mental health and spread the mental wellbeing in Nepal. You can help us in the following ways:

  1. DSLR Camera

DSLR camera


Psychbigyaan Network Nepal is completely a nonprofit organization which is doing various works in Mental Health and Psychology voluntarily. We have been doing various works since its inception and its always overwhelming to get responses from the report we write in our webpage. And here every program of us demands a good camera which we lack. Podcasts, discourse, school programs and many more of our programs demands a good camera for the effective program and documentation. It can be the effective tool in our aim to psycho educate the masses about various mental health issues through short films, picture stories, videos and vlogs. Specifically our current ongoing program Psychbigyaan Kurakani is in need of the good camera

The decent DSLR camera costs in the range of  $500 – $600  in the market.

2. Hand Projector 

hand projector

WHY Hand- Projector??

We have been doing various awareness related programs and school visits for creating awareness regarding mental health and psychology . We feel if we have hand projector, it will be much easier for us to circulate our message to audiences with audio-visual which can make our campaign/program more effective.

The decent hand projector in the market costs in the range of $400-$500.


AND, WE ARE OPEN FOR COLLABORATION. FEEL FREE TO COLLABORATE in any of our programs. Your help in resources can be a boost in our motive to work for Mental Health and Psychology. Let’s work together for the cause!

Bank Account Details:

Bank Name: Citizens Bank International Ltd.

Bank A/C : Psychbigyaan Network Nepal

Bank A/C No: 0220000190CA

Swift Code : CTZNNPKA