Multiple-Stories Matter!

When you make an image, an idea, a perception or a conclusion about someone or something, how often that is overruled by a Single Story? And If I say ‘Single story could be merely an outlet of your single perception, single experience with someone or something or a single story you have heard and seen about it’, will you believe me?

Most of the time, before my first lecture in any class, I am regarded as a student myself and the journey of my identity as a teacher only begins once I start lecturing or start my introduction as a lecturer. Why do you think that happens in most of my first classes?  May be because we are overwhelmed with the single story about the perception of teacher wrapped in Kurtis or Sari or a middle aged woman with books in hand and glasses on !!

A friend of mine from Germany calls Nepali Food as ‘Daal-Bhaat’ instead Daal-Bhaat as one of the Nepali Food. Why do you do think that happened? May be because she stayed in a place where Daal-bhaat has been only served and she didn’t explore enough cuisines around !!

We hear a story of a person from another person, make a perception about him or her with the story told to us and treat them accordingly. Does it sound familiar? Why do you think it happens to you? May be because we don’t like to keep ourselves in other’s feet to expand our horizon to multiple stories or may be we made up our mind about someone or something with a single experience we have!!

If you said Yes to my most of the ‘question marks’ above, then don’t you think you are under the danger of single story?

Now the question is how to get rid of the influence of the SINGLE STORY?

We, whoever is working in the social field, strongly advocate the need of ‘NON JUDGEMENTAL ATTITUDE’; but we almost forget that our brain is smarter and faster than we think. When is the last time you decide anything or thought any thought without being judgemental or influenced? When is the last time your brain automatically looked at multiple stories to conclude about something?

I know it’s absolutely difficult; it’s difficult to stop brain from being auto-pilot of its thought, difficult to pass judgement or stop reaction in situations, difficult to stop making impression of someone or something instantly?

But what if we have multiple stories already? Then, is it really impossible?

Of course NOT!

Here are few things we can do to help us ourselves to get rid being Judgemental; so next time if you think you will get trapped in being influenced by single story, mind these ones:

  • Learn about the Multiple Stories:

Learn more about the stories, people, places, beliefs, everything. Just have multiple stories about one single thing. Learn from Books, talk to people, visit to new places but just don’t make a perspective on the basis of single story you make. Let Brain to see the things from the multiple angles. So, next time when someone referred Africa as a country, your brain instantly says: No, it is a continent.
(You had Africa in your mind as a country, right? I told ya, Brain runs on autopilot and this autopilot was fuelled by the single story fed to us)


  • Listen More:

Have you heard the phrase-Reading in between the lines? Do it, literally!

We trust explicit information and it’s good to do so, most of the times. But there are also multiple sides of the same story, try to find what it implies then merely believing in the singularity of the explicit meaning.

So that next time when someone says something and you hold grudges toward that being, you read the lines in between the expressions, their situations and multiple factors before you jump into the conclusion of that being.

We listen slider

  • Be Non-judgmentally Judgemental:

Non-Judgmentally Judgemental, Interesting? I know, Right?

I never understood this concept when referred by one of my friend, Sujan, until recently when I am trying to explore more on having Multiple stories.
As we cannot stop our brain to stop working in its automatic mode instead what we can do is to feed it with multiple stories, perspectives, information, experiences, interactions so that we start giving benefit of doubt to people around, start accepting them the way they are automatically. If we cannot help ourselves being non-judgemental, at least we can accept the fact of ourselves being judgemental and accept the way we are and help our brain with the power of MULTIPLE STORIES.

(Got the idea? Confused?! Okay, we will discuss about it sometime again)

I know its Easier said than Done. I have had my own share of struggle to stop holding grudges and feeling bad about people and situations. I had my own share of instances where many decisions and explanations were done on the basis of single story, I still do that sometimes. But now, when I have known the power of PERSPECTIVES and MULTIPLE STORIES, it’s much easier for me to be non-judgemental and not get trapped in between the single story to come to the conclusion.

Ending with one of the very relevant story of my life:

I am asked, multiple times: Why are you so nice to people? How can you be so nice to everyone? How can you be so comfortable to be around to the person whom you exactly don’t like in person? Do you fake it or you are serious about being good to everyone?  My answer used to be, most of the time: After all, it’s just a life to live and why to not be nice to everyone.


But the UNTOLD answer and my Understated reason (which I share to very few ones) is: I do so, because of my strongest belief in the MULTIPLE Stories; multiple stories of the individuals, situation, places and their actions and belief systems. How can you judge a person with a single story you have of them with a single experience or single information?

Trust me, the time you start stopping to get stuck in SINGLE STORY and believing and exploring the MULTIPLE STORIES, you will be a different person.
Not just in your relationship, but in the information and perspective you build like in the video I have shared at the end.

Perspectives Matter!

Multiple Diverse Stories Matters!


I wanted to write something related to ‘Perspectives’ for sometime and my exposure to this video during one of the workshop I attended regarding ‘Narrative Approach’ encouraged me to pen down this article.


My Guilty Pleasure


download-1Last week my brother sent me a packet of ‘ Hershey’s Kisses’ and I finished 100 choco-pieces in just two days all alone. No matter how I want NOT to crunch it one after another, I was indulged in the packet completely. My mind wanted me to stop crunching while my taste bud wanted to have them all at the time. I was feeling satiated with my choco-love at the same time feeling strong distaste toward my craving. How can that happen?

Was it my guilty pleasure? May be…Yes!

And I am pretty sure many of us have our own set of guilty pleasures. And we love them, don’t we?

My love for chocolates and brownies; My best friend love for scrolling twitter all the time; My another friend attachment with couch and TV, my another colleague love of  shopping are few of the pleasures that we feel guilty about after our long indulgence.

BUT STILL Why we do what we don’t like to do? Have you ever thought about it?

Psychology gives a lot of attributions for this. It says habits like this develop due to Low Self-Esteem or due to lack of internal motivation, due to lack of your will or due to your faulty learning.

So damaged is already done! We already have our pleasure which we feel guilty at the end.

So, let’s work on together towards this for now.


I love the word ‘Guilty Pleasure’ but I doubt it’s meaning sometimes. How can something be ‘Guilty’ and ‘Pleasurable’ at the same time. If it’s pleasure, don’t hide it. If it’s comforting you, if it calms you, set a time for the pleasures. Schedule and Indulge in it. But if it is ‘Guilt’, it’s going to give you guilt no matter what. Accept it.
For example, you find twitter a ‘Guilty Pleasure’. You spend 5 hours a day in twitter. Every time you use it-get pleasure and later feel guilt about it, where will it take? Nowhere! First realize what is more important to you, getting pleasure from twitter or you being guilty having wasting time in social media?
Don’t lie to yourself. And Separate GUILT and PLEASURE. It should work.

Secondly, dilute your guilty pleasure with other forms.

How can you do that?

If you indulge in brownie like I do. Make Brownie your ‘Reward’. Every time you eat healthy for a month or get your work accomplished, give yourself a point as a ‘Brownie’. Here your pleasure won’t be guilt; it’s a diluted and became reward now.

 Third, Have a friend to Monitor.

Why Guilty Pleasures are guilty? Because we feel guilty after the pleasure, exactly like I did after my 100 pieces of choco-crunching; I didn’t tell my mom about it. I felt guilt for bingeing unhealthy. Rather If I had my mom to monitor my unhealthy binge, I would have those chocolates eaten for a week not in two days.
Likewise, share with your friend the trouble you are having and let them help you make schedule or monitor your pleasures which you feel guilty about.

Lastly, Consciously Jot down all your ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and Watch out!

Make sure you have your lists of thing that you feel like doing but feel bad about after doing them. Make sure you understand it’s the guilt because they are harmful or negative or deteriorating for you; not because somebody say so.
If you think you feel good and healthy in your skin, you don’t need to validate the society which thinks skinner are beautiful by giving up your pleasure of indulging in healthy food. But if you think too much of shopping is not about validation but about your internal will, watch out. Make shopping schedule, try to buy it for purpose.

If something is being addictive. Try to seek help from your friend or may be professional. But if your pleasures are manageable, do it by yourself. Just make sure to list out them all and rank them in order of Goodness and Necessity.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about if it gives you pleasure. It’s either PLEASURE or GUILT. If it’s pleasure, you don’t need to validate the society or do not need to try to fit in if you don’t feel like.

But, if that is ‘GUILT’, make sure you understand the consequences and try to work on this rather than being guilty about it and doing nothing.

Now, In a Nutsell, my choco-love is my pleasure which I enjoy and which I am not giving up on. But me gulping ‘100 Pieces of chocolates’ just in two days is the GUILT. It’s not healthy and I will make sure to dilute my guilt in other forms now onwards.
So This 2017, why don’t you try to work on your Guilty-Pleasure?? I mean Guilt and Pleasure! 😀

 Psychology is not ‘just’ about Mental Health  

There are some issues if understood in time would be a good thing to take it to the long run. ‘Psychology is all about Mental Health’ is the one.

I am avidly promoting Mental Health through the work I am doing and constantly participating with other friends in the promotion of Mental Health; but at the same time being a student of Psychology first- I am little concerned when Psychology is limited to just the clinical perspective. And here is something I wanted to write for a long time to balance the view.
I am very much excited when Psychology is given emphasis these days. From the time when I started to study academic Psychology in under graduation to this time of my graduate Psych studies, there is a big difference on the way the mass is concerned about this subject and the way mass is starting to recognize it as the today’s need. There are many positive changes but I am concerned on the overall development of the field of Psychology.

Whenever we mention Psychology-the general view is ‘it is concerned with mental illness or mental well-being’. Many of the times, in programs, when psychologists are called- they are only made to talk about the topics of ‘Mental Well-being’. But to remind you again- Psychology is the scientific study of Human Behavior and Mental Process’. And when we talk about Human behavior and mental process, it can be anywhere and anything related to this.

Social Psychology is the one. It is basically concerned with the interaction of human in the society and yes it is also the Psychology.

Likewise, Industrial Psychology is another. How wonderful the recruitment process or HR Department would turn out to be if there are industrial Psychologists placed there. Don’t you think the productivity will just go up or better perform if they have someone to ‘scientifically study human behavior and mental process in the industrial setting?’ THINK ABOUT IT!

Likewise, Environmental Psychology is the next. I personally only knew about this topic when I was in first year of my Master’s program. How wonderful it would be to have someone in Kathmandu studying the human behavior around Bagmati River and help the people living around to make the effective and efficient progress to make it clean. Do you know ‘The Polluted Cloud you see in the horizon is very much responsible in degrading your formation of memory?’ How wonderful it would have been if we have Environment Psychologist recruited in the Agencies which work for promotion and betterment of Environment.

And to remind you again, there are many other.


Don’t you think it’s also time to give the space to those ‘diversity’ of psychology rather than thinking Psychology and just concerned with Mental Illness and modification of behavior.

Likewise, there are many fields of Psychology from Sports Psychology to School Psychology  and many many other fields. (Google can be a good friend to find about them more).

Here, my concern today is not regarding the career prospects of Psychology. We can find whole new prospects of career, it just depends on how much explorative you are. Here, my concern is ‘WHY don’t we see Psychology other than Mental Health?’

The biggest problem is the academic limitation in Nepal which gives very few options in the applied and academic setting.  Hence the students of Psychology in Nepal do not get the exposure in other varied subjects of Psychology. Clinical Psychology-Academic-Research-Social Psychology are few things which attract me in Psychology. I honestly am so glad to have seen the change regarding the recognition of Psychology in masses. I feel proud to be associated with the change. But I was little worried when a younger (who is interested in psychology) asked me suddenly:  ‘’Kripa didi, I want to study Psychology but I don’t want to work in clinical setting.’’ Poor thing!

Biggest concern here again, as a student, and a promoter of the field of Psychology- Let’s start talking about PSYCHOLOG-IES rather than PSYCHOLOGY.

And to everyone, who are students, who are not studying Psychology at all and specially to those young minds who thinks they should study psychology only if they want to work for mental health; I want to make it clear.This is NOT the Case. Feel free to explore. Its not about PSYCHOLOGY. There are PSYCHOLOGIES!

There are many fields you can hop in. If you are interested to study human behavior-mental process, there is not any field where we cannot integrate it. Feel free to explore. Feel free to take psychology in a different way.
We, as passionate promoter of Field Psychology, its again optimum time to emphasis on the research, social psychology, environmental psychology and many other aspects of PSYCHOLOGY to promote our field!

We are doing great job promoting Mental Health and awareness.  But don’t you think it’s the time to promote our FIELD as a WHOLE!

#ITalkICare (October’16)

Today is the last day of October 2016 and so is the last day of ‘World Mental Health Month-2016’.
Does it make the last day of creating Mental Health Awareness?
NO! It Doesn’t!
Let’s shout out loud to talk about your Mental Health. Let’s shout out loud to talk about your Psychology.

Here are some of the voices that freed themselves to encourage you, YES YOU, to talk about anything you want to- to your dear friend or anyone whom you wish to and let it out if it is suffocating you.


” Thank you, Sujan Shrestha for a beautiful challenge… I heartily accept this challenge, to talk about Mental Health, to share about our mental illness openly is dimmed as strength nowadays, it is a sign that we are moving towards mental health, as a good mental wellbeing is extremely important for overall wellbeing with this comes the support and love of family and friends that is crucial for mental wellbeing and by saying that here’s my one of many loooong “Story of Mental Health”, I DARE YOU TO READ IT ALL :p :

“The day I left Nepal with my family, I was a strange little girl of only 11 years young, with shyness as my favorite companion. “Shyness” can be underestimating to what I was feeling, to explain for someone who feared strangers or new places.
Disorientation of thoughts and presence of mind after arriving in a new place, I began to open up to my dolls and my books, as friends, I had none; as for my dearest mom and dad, they would be at work, but I did have my older brother to accompany me. I was home-schooled for a year due to my certificate delays from Nepal I could not join any school in Dubai, but I had amazing mentors, my family.
Finally, the day came when I was graciously welcomed by my new friends in a new school, at the same time my timidness had grown so much.
Time became my friend, even though I kept forgetting about this friend, that was so precious. I was finally beginning to be happy, my loving family and friends by my side. I was opening up and facing my fears of meeting or talking to people. I was not good at “people-ing”, I still am not, I must say. The day came when the happy days came crashing down like an avalanche that had never been foretold about.
The news shattered my happy little world, with the reality of poverty and death. When we returned to Nepal, seeing the poverty in the ugliest ways possible made me cringe to my stomach, it overwhelmed me to the point where I shut myself out because I felt helpless, how could a young girl like me save so many people struck by poverty and abuse? What could I ever do in this one lifetime? Time was of the essence and yet, there I was locked up in my room, trying, trying to ignore that, which was flashing in my nightmares, which was a living nightmare for so many people around the world.
Even Mother Teresa was not enough to end this poverty and abuse; with humbleness, not even Buddha could compete with this tyranny of human suffering. I was alone. I was in a dark place where it seemed optimism had no place, save for the anger and hatred; hatred for those who had millions and did so little to save those innocent lives; hatred for those powerful who did so much in ending and hurting the innocent lives.
To share these emotions and thoughts with others meant I was asking for a superficial quick-fixes to my broken heart, a heart that was broken by my sense of inhumanity.

Who would come to the rescue of a damsel in distress?

Thus, I began to write. The feelings of pain, feelings of helplessness, feeling of emotional paralysis were erupting, and were able to calm me down through poetry.
In ways, I began to rescue myself from the depths of misery I let myself in, of course, I would not have been able to swim my out of this misery if it weren’t for my family and friends’ support and love.

I remember the day I shared my poetry with my family, they are indeed the greatest strength for me- they inspired me to be a good human, to be optimistic, to have fears meant to stand for something right, to do something right- I may not be able to save the world, but I can, one step at a time, one person at a time.
My dad always tells me, “Don’t ask what this world can give to you, but ask what you can give to this world and work for it. This earth does not belong to you, you belong to this earth.”
Here I am, learning and doing my bit, I may not end poverty or end human trafficking or all the horrible inhumane activities, but I know my learning and sharing my knowledge and love, and empowering individuals is indeed a start.”
There have been many mentors who rose to inspire me in many ways they possibly don’t know. I thank you all for helping me lift myself up.

#ITalkICare#MentalHealth2016#StopStigmatizing ” 



The best way to relieve your mind is talking through your problems.

#ITalkICare#MentalHealth2016#StopStigmatizing ”



I was going to write a post about how I’ve had emotional problems and how I’ve dealt with it. But today having completed 18 years of my existence in this earth I have to understand that I’m very privileged. I have my basic needs fulfilled, I have enough to survive for years, i am lucky enough to have education. The things which seem soo common to us. But for so many children In our own country, unless you get yourself In the streets, start begging for money so that you can eat something for the night or buy clothes to wear or to survive, you can’t even get your basic needs fulfilled. Having to be responsible for their own financial condition, having to sell your own soul for surviving merely one more day, how much mental pressure do you think is put on a child. The amount of mental damage happening to street children, we can’t even assume how it might feel. So this 18th birthday what I’ve decided is how I’ll dedicate myself for the betterment of the children in the streets of Nepal, so that they can have a better life, so that they are not traumatised for life, so that they don’t feel in any way underprivileged than other children of their age.
I realise how privileged i am and how thankful I am for having so many people to care about me and send me wishes . So this 18th birthday I want to celebrate not by partying, not by getting gifts or giving gifts but by growing up and giving my life a direction. Our nation needs more people who understand that human psychology is a real thing, and psychological illnesses are real illnesses and anyone can suffer from them.

🙂 #happy18thtome



Thank you Alisha Adhikari for the challenge…I accept your challenge of sharing my “story of mental health”…. “I was an aggressive girl and wanted everything perfect for me. If I didn’t get the things I asked for I used to lose my temper. I believed mostly in other people rather than myself. I hated inter-personal conflicts a lot and couldnot stand those. More the conflicts more would be my inability to control my mental state. But were are some amazing people who listened to me and suggested me the best. I am trying to change myself in a good way and now I believe imperfection can be changed into perfection with a believe in self.I am happy with this change within me because I Talk and I care my Mental Health.” #ITalkICare #MentalHealth2016 #StopStigmatizing



Thank you Kripa Sigdel for the challenge… i accept your challenge of sharing my “story of mental health”…. “I was a really shy girl with a low self-esteem may be that was due to different life events. I was afraid to face any crowd and used to avoid the situations where i had to express myself in front of people. I used to supress my emotions but i used to hurt myself everytime i had an emotional outburst. I used to feel bad about myself and kept my problems within. But with the loving and caring people around me and also my determination to change i started sharing my problem with others and also facing the fear i had.. now i am able to speak in front of others and even share my story… i am happy with this change within me.. Because I Talk and I care my Mental Health.”

#ITalkICare #MentalHealth2016 #StopStigmatizing



Challenge accepted Kripa Sigdel tq for letting share my inner thoughts ?
“besides being talkative and extrovert in every way possible there was a time in my life where I faced a situation when I locked myself inside in a room and was too occupied in my own thoughts. My parents my friends everyone were worried about me and kept asking me what exactly happened to me! but at that point of time even explaining myself to others seems impossible and only way out possible was locking me in,from outside that of point of time I couldn’t even explain why what and for what reasons! “every day is not a sunny day” it was hard to explain to everyone.. but thanks to my parents who kept encouraging me and distracted me from that phase and they brought me back to what I am now.. they answered every question that arised in that phase towards me and they became my pillar support throughout and didn’t let anyone arise more question towards my social isolation. they tried evry possible thing to make me happy and cheerful. ? #therez_noone_like_family_in_this_whole_world ? and today I don’t mind talking about any kind of suffocation.
Because I Talk and I care my Mental Health.’

#ITalkICare #MentalHealth2016 #StopStigmatizing



When i was a little girl there was a rumour in my school that one of our teacher could read our face as he had some knowledge in psychology and could know what’s going in our mind. I was fascinated and more than that frightened for i didnt want him to read my mind and be aware of my thoughts which i thought were entirely mine until i chose to share with some. Everyday when i greeted with a smile which would make my chinkey eyes almost invisible i made sure that my mind was blank and he could read nothing. I would mask my emotions in such a way that he would be unable to read my thoughts. I grew up with this misconception that people who have a psychology degree can read mind ? . Later I discovered it was more than what i thought it to be. I always loved ”behavioural sciences” that i had to study in my second year nursing. It was the first time that i was going through different theories and all psych related topics like emotions, congition.,,intelligence.. and many more…I then realised that all of my fear and anxiety related to my mind being read were just myth.. I then studied mental health nursing in my third year where I had a chance to have a month of clinical practicum. I really enjoyed the clinical posting to be honest. Although I had a chance to interact with people having mania and schizo i never came across someone with high prevalence mental health disorders liek anxiety and depression.For me mental health was all bound to psychosis and low prevalent mental health disorders. OCD, trichotillomania, eating disorders and psychosexual disorders existed only in my fairytale mental health book meaning i never heard of anyone suffering anxiety and related disorders. . I thought people would never suffer from these and even if they did Nepalese people would never . Well may be i had come across some depression by that time as i heard most of my friends including me telling ”i have depression and i am depressed” time and again when things were not right.We would call each other psycho and even named our group ”psycho saliz ” because we thought we were loud and different and cool. Looking back I can tell I had many misconceptions even being a nursing graduate. During my masters degree in Adelaide, South Australia I had the opportunity to have clinical placement at centre for anxiety and related disorders.When i first came across someone with health anxiety (my first client ) i couldn’t believe that i was actually doing an assessment of someone with anxiety disorder. l came across mental health disorders which were highly prevalent and could lead to severe functional impairment. When I treated some clients with depression using CBT under expert supervision i realized depression was much more than what i actually thought it was. The stigma although to lesser degree even existed there as few of my clients didnt want their parents and friends to know they are under treatment. It was an eye opening experience to me and i just kept on loving mental health and CBT. sometimes I would feel saturated after a session as it would be so intense but i always felt rewarded at the end. I found my clinical placement really hectic yet fruitful over the span of 2 years. I got an insight into mental health. I was thrilled to come across people having to deal with different mental illnesses with great difficulty. What didnt existed for me once was disabling many people . I was sad to know that stigma related to mental health has effect in service utilization which may worsen the condition itself by late treatment seeking behaviours. Few of my clients asked me ”i am not crazy or psycho am i?” with deep concern and i could sense what they were talking about. I still face the same question ” ma pagal ta hoina ni? ” …. which leaves me thinking about so many people out there who probably might be suffering from mental illness and need treatment yet stay home rather than being diagnosed with mental illness… Because I Talk and I care about Mental Health.
Thank u Kripa Sigdel for nominating me. 
#ITalkICare #MentalHealth2016 #StopStigmatizing #PsychbigyaanNetworkNepal #PNN



”I had gap year after my High School. The one who was ‘said to be’ brilliant in school was suddenly having gap year was not accepted by many of my people around. But that was what I wanted to have-gap year- that was unavoidable and so much needed to have more clarity in my decisions. But With the questions i used to receive each day like ‘Why Year Loss?, How did it happen?, Did you fail?’ Did you ruin your study’- What will you do in life now’? ‘Dont you think girls should be married?’ , I was suffocating. I had terrible time coping those questions and I remember I wanted to get-a-way from those problems so terribly that I stopped talking to many on those year and cocooned myself. But the biggest strength i had was my family who was there with me throughout my decisions. Now I am here, being more clear on my decisions and more persistent than ever. And Here I started succeeding.
I wonder what would had happened if my family were not there to LISTEN. Big thanks to them. And today I don’t mind talking about any kind of suffocation. Because I Talk and I care my Mental Health.’



Had started a facebook campaign (#ItalkIcare Campaign) within friends on mid October with the motive of creating awareness and making everyone of us talk about any kind of suffocation we are going through. We aim to encourage everybody to talk if they wish to about the psychological suffocation.
Thank you dear all for being BRAVE to talk about un-talked ones. Let’s keep doing this.

If you want to know what is ‘World Mental Health DAY-2016 and its theme’ in detail; Here is the link of our Radio Episode of Manojigyasa…. Click Here


Psychology and Mental Health Celebrated

At inauguration!


Psych Youth Mela-2016 was the joint effort of the Master’s level students of Padmakanya Multiple campus, Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan university and Trichandra Multiple Campus which was held at Padmana Kanya Multiple Campus on Saturday 24 September, 2016. The event was conceptualized and designed by Psychbigyaan Network Nepal-PNN.

The 3 different campuses where Psychology is taught in post-graduate level showcased various demonstrations, exhibitions, psychological experiments, psychological assessments, mental health information desk and many more. Like wise many other organizations like RhythmNeuro Psychiatry Hospital, Tribhuvan University teaching hospital, Ankur counseling and training center, Counseling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC), The relief trust, Gestalt in Nepal and many other organizations/groups had the stalls where they could directly communicate with visitors. 35 different informational stalls were installed in the event.

A stall showcasing Psychological Demonstrations..
35 more stalls all around with many information and psychological and youthful demonstrations


One of the Psychological Assessment happening…In picture : Piyush, MA TU.

Likewise, ‘Relaxation Room’, ‘Stress Management Room’, ‘Psych Videos Show’, ‘Hypnosis Demonstration’ were happening in individual demonstration rooms.

Hypnosis was live demonstrated to visitors who were interested in one of the room in the Mela.

The formal program was from 11 AM to 4 PM. The program was initiated after the inauguration by lighting the light by Assistant Dean of Tribhuvan University Proj. Dr. Rajkumar Panday, followed by the Welcome note by Program Coordinator (Click Here for ‘Welcome note by Program Coordinator’) and short speeches by Prof. Dr, Santa Niraula (Central Department of Psychology, TU), Assistant Prof. Kishor Thapa (Department Head, PK Campus), Assistant Prof. Dr. Mita Rana (Department Head, Psychology, TU). And the inauguration program was concluded by Prof. Dr. Renuka Joshi, Campus Chief of Padmakanya Multiple Campus.

Formal Inauguration by Ass. Dean. Dr. Rajkumar Panday, TU which was accompanied by Psychology Department Heads of TU, PK and RR Campus along with Campus chief of PK campus




More than 2000 visitors visited all the stalls and the event throughout the day from 11 AM. The program was designed in such a way that poets, drama performers, singers, dancers could exhibit their talent in between the event. This let our visitors be refreshed by the performances throughout the day. Likewise, the fun highlight of the event was when informal program started at 4 PM with concert from PaSapi Band. It lasted from 4 PM to 6 PM which helped all the visitors, event management team and our stall-exhibitors get refreshed with the band’s musical performance.
The program’s themes were  ‘Let’s Talk-Let’s care’ and ‘Let’s Celebrate Psychology’ which reflected the celebration of Psychology in a fun fulfilling way and to generate as much as awareness possible regarding mental health amongst the youths.

'Band-PaSapi- performing and our dear audiences enjoying and grooving in the music after 4 PM. The sight was mesmerizing!
‘Band-PaSapi- performing and our dear audiences enjoying and grooving in the music after 4 PM.
The sight was mesmerizing!



Even Department Heads cannot stop grooving with students while ending the program. In picture (In sari), Ass. Prof Kishor Thapa and Minarva Jonche, (Depart Head and MA coordinator, PK campus)
Even Department Heads cannot stop grooving with students while ending the program.
In picture (In sari), Ass. Prof Kishor Thapa and Minarva Jonche, (Depart Head and MA coordinator, PK campusHere is the link of one of the performances in between the formal program :
Some Audiences enjoying the performance while other visitors visiting the stalls for information.
Some Audiences enjoying the performance while other visitors visiting the stalls for information.

We believe the motive to gather all the interested youths in psychology and engage them by showcasing ‘what is happening in the field of Psychology to visitors’ and ‘celebrate Psychology’ were successful.

Many students who were studying Psychology in various institutions and who were the visitors of the event have given good positive feedback. They told us that this kind of event was the first one which they witnessed. They added that the major highlight was amalgamation of information and performances which was happening for the first time in Nepal in Psychology/Mental Health.
Likewise stall exhibitors and visitors were giving good points on the event management and stalls placements. This was the biggest encouragement and motivation for us.IMG_1882

We believe the trend to Celebrate Psychology will be followed every year. Let’s get connected to talk more about this subject. And Let’s get connected to explore this subject.

0T4A2245Happy World Mental Health Day-2016.

All the photos of the events are uploaded here. Click Here-For Album 1   (Photo Credits: Pema Sherpa)

Click Here for the Album-2  (Photo Credits: Bharat Sunar, Padam Raj Joshi, Nikhil Bista, Bikash Rai and many other friends)

And the program is covered in the radio episode  of Manojigyasa: A radio initiative in Psychology and Mental Health. Click Here for the Radio Episode

Manojigyasa Episdoe 37

manojigyasa poster

This is the episode published on August 6 2016.

We are talking about ‘International Research Conference which was organized in Nepal’ in the first part, ‘Air Pollution and its psychological perspective’ in second and the ‘psychbigyaan tip’ in third.
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The youtube link is here : Manojigyaasa Episode 37