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Psychbigyaan Podcast -2 : ‘About Our Campaign- Hami Sunchhau (We Listen) !’ (JUNE)

Post Earthquake- 2015/April-25, Psychbigyaan team has been doing various works related to children and adolescents. In continuation to that, we are starting our new campaign called ‘Hami Sunchhau-We Listen’ from…
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tot on post disaster psychological care

ToT on Post Crisis Pychological Care

ToT on Post Crisis Pychological Care June 3, 2015 Psychbiygaan team gave training to the 8 volunteers of Rise Nepal on the topic Post Crisis Psychological Care on June 2,…
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Breathing and the Mental Health

Breathing and the Mental Health - Sanjeev Bhandari Food, cloth, shelter and sex are the basic needs, describe by the Abhram Maslow. However, air is the ultimate need. Human nature…
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Psychbigyaan team Visted the school!

‘’We need Counselors in Every School’’- This has always been one of the major belief of Psychbigyaan team. With the motive of awaring students about transition and letting them know…
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