What is the mental situation of people after the three months of the disaster

Sujen Man Maharjan in the article below has given a glimpse of what the situation situation of people on the ground after the three months of the disaster. In the…
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It was hard to wake up in the morning. It was more difficult to get back to sleep if I woke up in the middle of night or at the…
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Experiencing bipolar disorder

Jagannath Lamichhane writes about the person's experience suffering from Bipolar disorder in today's The Kathmandu Post. Bipolar disorder as characterized by mood swings oscillating between mania and depression is very…
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Insufficient services; A hurdle for Autistic kids

- Kritika Lamsal It is one of those memories that will haunt me until I am nothing but ashes. I remember the day vividly, as if it were yesterday. I…
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Green card is not so green

Fed up with the country's stagnant political and economic scenario, every educated Nepalese dream of getting settled in developed countries like America. This is more evident by the huge surge…
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Mental illness and suicide in Nepal : their corelations

A very lucid analysis of the relationship between mental illness and suicide in Nepal from Nepali times article. It depicts the scenario of the increasing trendz of suicide with proper…
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