The power of activity: Nepali mental health patients find purpose in occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy, sometimes called “OT”, aims to improve physical and mental health through engaging individuals in activity.Routines of everyday life like cooking and washing as well as leisure pursuits such…
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Mental Health at Workplace

-Sujan Shrestha and Kripa Sigdel In today’s busy world human life has been reduced to mere mechanistic ritual of making a livelihood. Every adult’s life is subsumed by the conundrums…
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parva poster

The injustice done by Parva

Yesterday, I went to watch the Nepali movie  ‘Parva’ starred by Namrata Shrestha and Koshish Chhetri. Initially I thought it was a horror movie and anticipated to have some goose…
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In Tribute To YamaBuddha

For me, suicides bring a long history of painful memories and partially solved emotional riddles. This event has once again exposed my vulnerability in processing the news related to suicides…
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Book Review of Human Traces

Sebastian Faulks has treaded the path normally the writers do not tread upon. In his novel, human traces, he has humanised the worst ever mental condition that men can get…
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My take on Dear-Zindagi!

And in one of the point, when the maid was told ‘Therapist should be consulted when we have complication in life when we cannot solve by ourselves’. She says: ‘Then…
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