‘School Mental Health Initiative’ Successfully Accomplished

‘School Mental Health Initiative’ is one of the initiatives of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal. Under this program, our founder and Executive director partnered with Global Peace Women (GPW) for school outreach…
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On 21st April Psychbigyaan team and students of Padma Kanya Campus jointly conducted a teachers training on Identifying Problems and Supporting Students of Transitional Phase for 3 different govt. schools…
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‘PESH-Education’ reached to Pokhara on 2016.

Psychbigyaan Network Nepal in co-ordination with Maya Foundation conducted two days PESH (Psychological Emotional Social Health-Education) training on two schools of Pokhara. The training module was designed to provide information…
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‘How to study Better?’ (PNN School Initiative)

19 July 2016 Psychbigyaan Team conducted mini workshop in British Gorkha College with their school program for ‘How to be better student? The module of the session was designed, developed and…
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PESH Education in Pokhara

  23 Feburary 2016 Psychbigyaan Team visited Pokhara with their school program from Feburary 16 – Feburary 20 for ‘PESH (Psychological, Emotional, Social,  Health Education’. The visit was coordinated and…
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school visit poster

Psychbigyaan team Visted the school!

‘’We need Counselors in Every School’’- This has always been one of the major belief of Psychbigyaan team. With the motive of awaring students about transition and letting them know…
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