Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy (November)

Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy

Teku, November 3


On November 3, 2015 Psychbigyaan Network Nepal held the second edition of Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy. The event took place on the venue of Innovation Hub, FNNCI building, Teku from 3 PM to 5 PM. The speakers for the program were Amanda Peacock and Carla White , both occupational therapists from from London South Bank University .

amanda and carla

The two hour session started with welcome address from Sujan Shresth, the Founder and President of PNN. Then the session was handed over to the speakers. Amanda and Carla gave the introduction and history of Occupational therapy in the beginning. Then they went ahead with its treatment processes and its core principles. Different models of Occupational Therapy were presented. Its significance on the present context in the rehabilitation process for both mental and physical patients were explained. Then after that the audiences were presented with practical on hand experience with the simple exercise in which they had to paint the shades of colors in the pictures of Mandala in a  group and had to explain what processes were involved while coloring and tell the experience while painting in the group. Then the presenters explained in short about the assessment and evaluation processes.

audience coloring mandala

The presenters gave the practical demonstration of different kinds of drawings drawn by the people with varied degree of mental conditions. They shared short work experience with the patients in Amrita Foundation, the local mental rehabilitation centre to demonstrate the practical examples. After this the presentation round came to an end and the floor was opened for the questions from the audiences. The program was covered with live tweets. Below are the snippets of the live twitter event:

twitter live event


twitter live event

The program ended with  Thank You Speech by Kripa Sigdel, Founder and Executive Director of PNN . The it was followed by group photo and socialization among the audiences with snacks . The audiences responded that they got benefitted by the presentation. They congratulated PNN and encouraged to come up with such programs again in the future.

group pic

The video of the event can be viewed in the link below:

Introducing Occupational Therapy

Octobe 27 is celebrated as Word Occupational Therapy Day. Occupational therapy is quiet new topic and its application is rising everyday in the context of mental and physical health. It’s getting prominence worldwide. This is very novice topic in Nepal . We have two occupational therapists from the UK, Mandy and Carla who were recently graduated and licensed. Here, in this interview , Kripa Sigdel asked them about different aspects and got to know what occupational therapy  really is.

Psychbigyaan Podcast -5 : Introducing Careers in Psychology! (October)

image of a podcast

This October, in Psychbigyaan Podcast, we are talking and sharing information we have regarding ”Careers in Psychology”. This is one of the main question regarding Psychology interested student, hope this episode is helpful.
Give a listen and feedback would be much appreciated via email : or our facebook page.
Sound Cloud and Youtube Link is given below :



Youtube :

PNN’s Mental Health Awareness Week Celebration:



Psychbigyaan Network Nepal celebrated Mental Health Awarness Week from October 4- October 10.

Our main objective is to make people aware about mental health and be open about it. We aim to make the society where mental health is equally dignified, de-stigmatized and prioritized.

We did social campaign posting information on Mental Health, Mental Health Day 2015 on the theme of this year ‘Dignity in Mental Health’.

Our team, everyday posted a plycard with the message in it related to Mental Health and the main objective behind it is to circulate the information regarding mental Health and encouraging everyone to make mental health dignified and de-stigmatized.

The six ply cards are uploaded below:

Kripa Sigdel
”To honor all members of our community, we need to recognize that mental health is something that deserves positive support, and continue the fight against stigma towards mental illness.”


Ranju Magar
‘Many who suffer from life circumstances that have a negative impact on mental health do not have a voice and need to be supported as equal members of society.’


Alisha Adhikari
March for we not me, because what i cannot do and you cannot do, – We CAN DO TOGETHER .So, lets do it together


Sujan Shrestha
October 10 is meant to promote the dignity of every person to recognize that Mental Health is something that we all have in common.


Bikas Rai
We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain. -Alan Watts


Ashish Kafle
PSYCHO-SOCIAL COUNSELING and EMOTIONAL SUPPORT can help OVERCOME MILD MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS WITHOUT ANY MEDICATIONS. “DIGNITY” in mental health is possible through NON-STIGMATIZATION and all INCLUSIVE (and appropriate) approach of people with mental health problems in home, office, education, sports and other settings without any discrimination. (like the way we dont fire a person just because he is diabetic)


We also had a discourse on the theme of ‘Mental Health Day 2015: Dignity in Mental Health’ with the mental health activists and mental health workers on october 5 as one of the event of Mental Health Awareness Week. To read more on the event:



Interaction on “Dignity in Mental Health” held


Psychbigyaan Network Nepal in association with American Space, Teku organized an interaction program on the topic “Dignity in Mental Health” on Monday, October 5 at FNCCI building, Teku. The interaction program was held to celebrate the World Mental Health Awareness Week. The interaction program was held amidst 30 participants with three distinguished guest speakers. The guests were Matrika Devkota, the founder and chairperson of Koshis Nepal ; Nir Prakash Gir, chairman of Nepal Mental Health Foundation and Bishal Dahal, the human resource counselor of National Federation of Disabled Nepal.

An hour and half long interaction was focussed on the overall situation of Mental Health of Nepal. Matrika Devkota stressed on government policy for the inclusive policy in Mental Health. Nir Prakash Giri opined that the negative societal mind set, stigmatization and discrimination as the major barriers for the acquiring dignity in Mental Health. Bishal Dhakal said that the understanding and proper care from family are very essential for the betterment of mentally ill people.

group pic

The program was updated live in twitter and the participants asked the questions to the guests after the floor was opened. The event was followed by short snacks and socialization and some light moments with the participants. The video of the entire session will be uploaded on Ocober 10, on the occasion of World Mental Health day. Stay tuned.

Here is the link to the video of our first Psyvhbigyaan Kurakani :

Inauguration of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal held

Psychbogyaan group pic

4th August 2015, Psychbigyaan


An inauguration ceremony  of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal as a registered organization was conducted on Saturday August 1, 2015 . The event was conducted at Psychbigyaan Network Nepal’s office at Chakrapath-3, Kathmandu. It was presided  over by the president of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal Mr. Sujan Shrestha. Four guests namely Sujen Man Maharjan (Psychologist and founder of Nepalese Psychology Network), Sushil Gurung (Psychiatric Social Worker, Mental Hospital Nepal) , Trishna Ghosh Bista (Clinical Psychologist, Mental Hospital Nepal ) and Rama Karki (Counsellor, Amrita Foundation and SOS, Jorpati) who are nominated as the members in the advisory board of the organization were called in the program along with two other special guests, Mr Krishna Prasad Sigdel and Pushpa Sigdel who are the patrons of the organization.


Ms. Alisha Adhikari started the proceeding as stage secretary.  The event started with the welcome speech of  Mr. Sujan shrestha. After the welcome speech the felicitation of guests was done with khaada by Executive Director of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal Ms. Kripa Sigdel. She also thanked all our advisory board for being with us. The felicitation program was followed by formal inauguration of the organization which was done by our patron Mr. Krishna Prasad Sigdel by lighting the oil lamp. As a part of formal introduction all the members of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal were formally introduced to the guests.


Then our guests were formally introduced and gave congratulatory wishes for PNN members for further growth and development of the organization.

To quote them:
Rama Karki ”I am pleased and honored to be with the team. I wish you the greatest luck and assure the team to be when I am needed.”
Shushil Gurung  ”I remember the first time I met Kripa and Sujan and i always admired the enthusiasm they had. I am glad they found the organization when there is not many organization in Mental health/Psychology, especially handled by youths. I wish very good luck and wishes to the team”.

Sujen Man Maharjan .”’This is just the first step. The challenging part is yet to come. If you stay firm to your beliefs, enthusiasm and plans, then only you can achieve the motives. Good Luck. I am glad to be a part of the team.”

Trishna Gosh Bista ”Its not certainly easy to do the job. You can find many hurdles and challenges. It might take time, but if you keep doing, team can do the best. My wishes and good luck for the team.”.

Krishna Pd. Sigdel ”I am not much into Psychology but i know how valuable and important this subject is becoming day by day. I assure to be there for any kind of help when the organization needs. Best wishes.”

Pushpa Sigdel ”I am proud to be here today. My many many congratulation and wishes for the team.”

All the congratulatory speeches by our guests added more responsibility to the founders and board members. And, all the members were very happy and equally excited.

Finally the formal program ended with thank you speech by Mr. Sujan Shrestha.
Then the formal program was followed by snacks and informal conversation between members and guests. Guests also highlighted on how important is to work on Psychology and Mental Health at this stage in Nepal. They explained its increasing need with the time and how important is to include different aspects like theater, music, blogs, write-ups, etc to make Psychological learning simple and effective. This made our members and everyone who were enthusiastic about Psychology excited about the upcoming programs.