Psychbigyaan Kurakani 1 – Dignity in Mental Health (October)

Psychbigyaan Kurakani  is a monthly discourse on the topic exclusively of Psychology and mental health.  It is an innovative interactive session between the experts and the participants. As Psychbigyaan team, we expect it to to create the awareness and interest especially in the mental health and psychology. We hope to clarify the doubts and stigmas regarding mental health through seasoned interaction and discussion.

As, our first Psychbiygaan Kurakani, (october) we are discussing on the ”Dignity in Mental Health” the theme of mental health day 2015. The interaction was held on October 5, 2015 at American Space , Teku. Program started with a song by a person with mental problem which shows they are capable of doing everything if they are treated properly and in a dignified way. Then the interactive session began.  The program was hosted by Ms. Kripa Sigdel and moderated by Sujan Shrestha. The guests for the interaction were Matrika Devkota, founder and chairperson of Koshish Nepal; Nir Prakash Giri, chairperson of Nepal Mental Health Foundation and Bishal Dahal, Human Resource Counsellor of National Federation of Disabilities Nepal. Down below is the video of the interaction session:


Interaction on “Dignity in Mental Health” held


Psychbigyaan Network Nepal in association with American Space, Teku organized an interaction program on the topic “Dignity in Mental Health” on Monday, October 5 at FNCCI building, Teku. The interaction program was held to celebrate the World Mental Health Awareness Week. The interaction program was held amidst 30 participants with three distinguished guest speakers. The guests were Matrika Devkota, the founder and chairperson of Koshis Nepal ; Nir Prakash Gir, chairman of Nepal Mental Health Foundation and Bishal Dahal, the human resource counselor of National Federation of Disabled Nepal.

An hour and half long interaction was focussed on the overall situation of Mental Health of Nepal. Matrika Devkota stressed on government policy for the inclusive policy in Mental Health. Nir Prakash Giri opined that the negative societal mind set, stigmatization and discrimination as the major barriers for the acquiring dignity in Mental Health. Bishal Dhakal said that the understanding and proper care from family are very essential for the betterment of mentally ill people.

group pic

The program was updated live in twitter and the participants asked the questions to the guests after the floor was opened. The event was followed by short snacks and socialization and some light moments with the participants. The video of the entire session will be uploaded on Ocober 10, on the occasion of World Mental Health day. Stay tuned.

Here is the link to the video of our first Psyvhbigyaan Kurakani :

BBC Nepali weekly discussion Program


bbc nepali weekly discussion featured the discussion on mental health on 15th November 2014 with mental health activist Matrika Devkota and psychiatrist Dr. Arun Raj Kunwar. The discussion was focussed specially on depression led suicide and other mental health problems in general. The symptoms and effects of depression , the mentality of people with regard to metal health condition and the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems including depression were the content of the discussion. Listen to the podcast of the program clicking the link below:

(P.S. The hotline number for Suicide Prevention Helpline Nepal is 9840021600 . Save in your mobile and spread the message in case of emergency assistance)