Unlocking Mind Through Poetry – August Series

We celebrated the second anniversary of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal with Poetry and Video session. The program was featured by national daily,  Republica , the details of which is given below :

Unlocking the Mind through Poetry’ was organized by Psychbigyaan Network Nepal-PNN on
Sunday at Godavari Alumni Association Hall, Thamel. The event was organized to mark the
second anniversary of PNN, which has been hosting awareness programs through podcasts,
intellectual discussions on psychological and mental health and ‘Psychological Help’ and ‘Mental
Health Campaigns’.

The program saw the participation of 1 2 youths, who performed touching verses on mental
health, suicide depression, anxiety and a few other stigmatized mental health situations.
In the sidelines of the event, program coordinator Kripa Sigdel said the main purpose of the
program was to bring up the issues that affect mental health and wellbeing through poetry.

“Psychology is just not about mental illness, it’s about enhancing our wellbeing as a whole. Let’s
talk about it. Let’s get connected to make the world a mentally healthy place,” she said.
She added that ‘Unlocking the Mind through Poetry’ was a relatively new concept. “The audience
today seemed captivated by sentiments in the poems. This undoubtedly was an effective
approach as it led the audience to discard the stigmas revolving around mental health and
accept the nuances of emotional well-being,” she said.

One of the reasons why ‘Unlocking the Mind through Poetry’ became an exciting place to be was
because it embraced a powerful idea that arts and other forms of expression are oftentimes
effective in relieving emotional burdens. Adding to the artistic ambience of the event, five videos
were displayed to raise awareness on the topic.

By the end of the event, audiences walked away with essential information on how to tackle
suicidal temptations as well as helpline and hotline numbers to reach out to when people
around are dealing with suicidal thoughts.

The program was ended celebrating the birthday of one of the founder of PNN, Kripa Sigdel whose birthday coincided with the birthday of the organization. Some of the pics of the program are:




This is the link to the news report of the event :  mind_unlocked.



‘Psychbigyaan- Kurakani-June series: Power of Speaking to Lead’

As a  part of our Psychbigyaan Kurakani Series, we had Ashish Silwal to give a talk on the topic – ‘Power of Speaking to Lead’ on June 30, 2017 held at Innovation Hub, Teku. The program saw about 30 participants from diverse backgrounds. Ashish talked about the ways in which we can speak convincingly, confidently and persuasively. Along with that he also gave tips to make our presentation attractive and eye appealing. Below are the pictures of the event:









IMG_0343 IMG_0334




Psychbigyaan Kurakani on ‘How to better support students’ (February)

‘Psychbigyaan Kurakani’ is the monthly discourse program which has been organizing by ‘Psychbigyaan Network Nepal’ in certain topics every month. The motive of our program is to open floor for the topics related to Psychology and Mental Health.

And, for the month of February we got the opportunity to hold our discourse for the 12 secondary level teachers of a school, Himanchal Higher Secondary School, Pokhara in February 18th.

Sansar Nepal Representative, Michele, introducing teacher's workshop and PNN team to the teachers!
Sansar Nepal Representative, Michele, introducing teacher’s workshop and PNN team to the teachers!

The major motive was to share information on how to better support students from Psychological perspective and also to interact with them.

The session lasted was of 1 hour. It started with the introduction of the session and its motive, then Psychbigyaan Team interacted with the teachers and tried knowing about the problem seen in students at schools and then team presented the probable problems at school from psychological perspective. Also, later team presented the PowerPoint presentation they prepared as ‘How to better support students from Psychological perspective’. It included various points that teachers have to take care in school and class environment. The program was interactive and teachers were equally participating and sharing their experiences.


Later, the program ended in a good note when teachers gave the feedback saying they will be using those techniques we shared in our presentation.
Psychbigyaan Team comprised of Sujan Shrestha, Kripa Sigdel and Ashish Kafle.

Our special thanks to Michelle Bliss, Amanda Peacock and Sansar Nepal for coordinating the school visit and supporting our February Psychbigyaan Kurakani.

Psyhbigyaan Kurakani with Renuka Rai (January)

group picture

January 3 , Sunday

Teku , Kathmandu

Renuka Rai speaking

The fourth edition of Psychbigyaan Kurakani was successfully held on January 3, in ihub Teku. This time we had Renuka Rai working in the field of psychology and behaviour sciences. The topic for the session was  ‘Use of Arts in the Trauma Work : Focussed in Children who survived in the aftermath of Earthquake”.  The event saw more than 20 participants.
Group work

The speaker of the program shared with us the relationship between art and trauma . The session was started off with practical work in which the participants were divided in three groups and gave them the simple task to  answer about the characteristics of the children and the effects of trauma upon them .  The topic was contextualized with the recent earthquake. The group then presented with their answers . While talking about trauma, Mrs Rai opined that we tended to focus on the major event of the trauma but overlook the culminating small events after the big event of the trauma that might contribute to the trauma.


Mrs Rai  then talked about art and its efficacy in trauma. She talked about some simple stages in the art in trauma works  and gave the practical demonstration how the art works in the children. She had a case study from Srilanka  which was demonstrated and explained to validate her points.


The session lasted for about 1 hour 30 minutes with Q&A session at last. After the end of the formal event the speaker and the participants had tea and cookies and had socialization among themselves. Before departing all the participants took the group picture with the speaker of the event .

group picture

To listen the full program , click the following link:

Psychbigyaan Kurakani in British Gurkha College (December)

group picture with BGC students

Dec 13, Sunday
Basbari, Kathmandu

group picture with BGC students

This month Psychbigyaan Kurakani was successfully held in British Gurkha College on December 13, Basbari, Kathmandu. As a part of our monthly discourse program, this time we have slightly modified the module of the program from the previous ones. Unlike the last ones, this Psychbigyaan Kurakani was held in the premise of the college, British Gurkha College and interacted with the psychology undergrad students.

Kripa Sigdel leading the interaction session


The program was started at 8:45 AM in the morning and it went about 75 minutes to 10 AM. Bikas Rai, the founding board member of PNN, started the program with welcoming speech and short introduction to our organization, PNN. After that Kripa Sigdel, the founder and executive director of PNN ,began with the discourse with the students with the general topics related to Psychology. There was a good exchange between the participants and the speaker as it turned out to be very interactive session. She relayed the information about the scope and status of psychology in Nepal and oriented them with the current platform that the students can get in the field of psychology.

participants in the session

Then after that, the session was handed over to Sujan Shrestha, the founder and President of PNN. Sujan talked about the facts and figures of suicide in the context of Nepal and made the participants introspect about their life events that could have tickled the suicidal tendency at some point of their life. In the midst of the interaction, some of the participants even got emotional while sharing their experience. At last Sujan talked about some suicide intervention measures in an individual level that helps to identify the suicidal tendency among their known one and thus can prevent the suicide by helping them to get professional help. The session was concluded with the simple diaphragmatic breathing technique as a stress realising technique

Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy (November)

Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy

Teku, November 3


On November 3, 2015 Psychbigyaan Network Nepal held the second edition of Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy. The event took place on the venue of Innovation Hub, FNNCI building, Teku from 3 PM to 5 PM. The speakers for the program were Amanda Peacock and Carla White , both occupational therapists from from London South Bank University .

amanda and carla

The two hour session started with welcome address from Sujan Shresth, the Founder and President of PNN. Then the session was handed over to the speakers. Amanda and Carla gave the introduction and history of Occupational therapy in the beginning. Then they went ahead with its treatment processes and its core principles. Different models of Occupational Therapy were presented. Its significance on the present context in the rehabilitation process for both mental and physical patients were explained. Then after that the audiences were presented with practical on hand experience with the simple exercise in which they had to paint the shades of colors in the pictures of Mandala in a  group and had to explain what processes were involved while coloring and tell the experience while painting in the group. Then the presenters explained in short about the assessment and evaluation processes.

audience coloring mandala

The presenters gave the practical demonstration of different kinds of drawings drawn by the people with varied degree of mental conditions. They shared short work experience with the patients in Amrita Foundation, the local mental rehabilitation centre to demonstrate the practical examples. After this the presentation round came to an end and the floor was opened for the questions from the audiences. The program was covered with live tweets. Below are the snippets of the live twitter event:

twitter live event


twitter live event

The program ended with  Thank You Speech by Kripa Sigdel, Founder and Executive Director of PNN . The it was followed by group photo and socialization among the audiences with snacks . The audiences responded that they got benefitted by the presentation. They congratulated PNN and encouraged to come up with such programs again in the future.

group pic

The video of the event can be viewed in the link below: