2 days Workshop-training on “Be Professional You” Conducted’ on 3rd and 4th February 2019

Along with Mental Health and Psychology, Youth Leadership has always been a topic of our work interest. We have developed a curriculum including skills which can aid any youth in their professional development. We had 2 days extensive activity based session focusing to develop Presentation Skills, Communication and Expression Skills, Blogging Skills and so on. We had 13 participants in total and 4 sessions facilitators facilitated the sessions. We would like to thank Suraj Raj Pandey for the session of ‘Leadership 101’ and Stela Mainali for the session ‘Being a Public Speaker’.

PNN’s executive director, kripa Sigdel, and President, Sujan Shretha, were responsible for designing and conducting the session.
At the end, 2 day workshop-training on ‘Be Professional You’ ended with the participants positive feedback which makes us believe in the enhancement of better professional skill and youth network among them.

If you are looking for these kind of sessions at your school, college or youth group, you can reach out to us at 9860937293 or via info@psychbigyaan.com. We are looking forward to visit and conduct the sessions.

‘3 Day Workshop on Research and Proposal Writing’ Held

‘3 Day Workshop on Research and Proposal Writing’ was successfully organized by PNN from May 4 – May 6 at Oscar International College, Sukedhara. The program saw 35 participants from different social sciences background. The program was divided into Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research and Proposal Writing sessions. The program was conducted by two professionals who are well known in their line of Profession.

The first day of the training was conducted by Liana Chase, Phd Candidate, SOAS – University of London. It was very informative and the participants learned about the foundations of qualitative research.

The second day of the training was conducted by Sanjesh Shrestha, Lecturer/Researcher-Tribhuvan University. It was very informative and the participants learned about the foundations of quantitative research and research process.

The third day of the training was conducted by Liana Chase, PHD Candidate, SOAS, University of London in the first half where Participant learned about the Proposal/Grant writing.

In the second half, the film by School Foundation Nepal : Signature Movie Cum Stop Negative….Think Positive: Signature Global Campaign was featured by Social Foundation Nepal.

We would like to thank our Venue Partner, Oscar Intl. college of Film Studies, School Foundation Nepal and special thanks to Nepal Association of Humphrey’s fellow and US Embassy Nepal for supporting and encouragement for this event. Lastly, thank you dear participants for joining us these 3 days.









Psychology and Mental Health Celebrated

At inauguration!


Psych Youth Mela-2016 was the joint effort of the Master’s level students of Padmakanya Multiple campus, Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan university and Trichandra Multiple Campus which was held at Padmana Kanya Multiple Campus on Saturday 24 September, 2016. The event was conceptualized and designed by Psychbigyaan Network Nepal-PNN.

The 3 different campuses where Psychology is taught in post-graduate level showcased various demonstrations, exhibitions, psychological experiments, psychological assessments, mental health information desk and many more. Like wise many other organizations like RhythmNeuro Psychiatry Hospital, Tribhuvan University teaching hospital, Ankur counseling and training center, Counseling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC), The relief trust, Gestalt in Nepal and many other organizations/groups had the stalls where they could directly communicate with visitors. 35 different informational stalls were installed in the event.

A stall showcasing Psychological Demonstrations..
35 more stalls all around with many information and psychological and youthful demonstrations


One of the Psychological Assessment happening…In picture : Piyush, MA TU.

Likewise, ‘Relaxation Room’, ‘Stress Management Room’, ‘Psych Videos Show’, ‘Hypnosis Demonstration’ were happening in individual demonstration rooms.

Hypnosis was live demonstrated to visitors who were interested in one of the room in the Mela.

The formal program was from 11 AM to 4 PM. The program was initiated after the inauguration by lighting the light by Assistant Dean of Tribhuvan University Proj. Dr. Rajkumar Panday, followed by the Welcome note by Program Coordinator (Click Here for ‘Welcome note by Program Coordinator’) and short speeches by Prof. Dr, Santa Niraula (Central Department of Psychology, TU), Assistant Prof. Kishor Thapa (Department Head, PK Campus), Assistant Prof. Dr. Mita Rana (Department Head, Psychology, TU). And the inauguration program was concluded by Prof. Dr. Renuka Joshi, Campus Chief of Padmakanya Multiple Campus.

Formal Inauguration by Ass. Dean. Dr. Rajkumar Panday, TU which was accompanied by Psychology Department Heads of TU, PK and RR Campus along with Campus chief of PK campus




More than 2000 visitors visited all the stalls and the event throughout the day from 11 AM. The program was designed in such a way that poets, drama performers, singers, dancers could exhibit their talent in between the event. This let our visitors be refreshed by the performances throughout the day. Likewise, the fun highlight of the event was when informal program started at 4 PM with concert from PaSapi Band. It lasted from 4 PM to 6 PM which helped all the visitors, event management team and our stall-exhibitors get refreshed with the band’s musical performance.
The program’s themes were  ‘Let’s Talk-Let’s care’ and ‘Let’s Celebrate Psychology’ which reflected the celebration of Psychology in a fun fulfilling way and to generate as much as awareness possible regarding mental health amongst the youths.

'Band-PaSapi- performing and our dear audiences enjoying and grooving in the music after 4 PM. The sight was mesmerizing!
‘Band-PaSapi- performing and our dear audiences enjoying and grooving in the music after 4 PM.
The sight was mesmerizing!



Even Department Heads cannot stop grooving with students while ending the program. In picture (In sari), Ass. Prof Kishor Thapa and Minarva Jonche, (Depart Head and MA coordinator, PK campus)
Even Department Heads cannot stop grooving with students while ending the program.
In picture (In sari), Ass. Prof Kishor Thapa and Minarva Jonche, (Depart Head and MA coordinator, PK campusHere is the link of one of the performances in between the formal program : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5vlMRkgMek
Some Audiences enjoying the performance while other visitors visiting the stalls for information.
Some Audiences enjoying the performance while other visitors visiting the stalls for information.

We believe the motive to gather all the interested youths in psychology and engage them by showcasing ‘what is happening in the field of Psychology to visitors’ and ‘celebrate Psychology’ were successful.

Many students who were studying Psychology in various institutions and who were the visitors of the event have given good positive feedback. They told us that this kind of event was the first one which they witnessed. They added that the major highlight was amalgamation of information and performances which was happening for the first time in Nepal in Psychology/Mental Health.
Likewise stall exhibitors and visitors were giving good points on the event management and stalls placements. This was the biggest encouragement and motivation for us.IMG_1882

We believe the trend to Celebrate Psychology will be followed every year. Let’s get connected to talk more about this subject. And Let’s get connected to explore this subject.

0T4A2245Happy World Mental Health Day-2016.

All the photos of the events are uploaded here. Click Here-For Album 1   (Photo Credits: Pema Sherpa)

Click Here for the Album-2  (Photo Credits: Bharat Sunar, Padam Raj Joshi, Nikhil Bista, Bikash Rai and many other friends)

And the program is covered in the radio episode  of Manojigyasa: A radio initiative in Psychology and Mental Health. Click Here for the Radio Episode

‘How to study Better?’ (PNN School Initiative)

19 July 2016

Psychbigyaan Team conducted mini workshop in British Gorkha College with their school program for ‘How to be better student? The module of the session was designed, developed and put in action by team themselves on the basis of their knowledge and learning.

The major goals of ‘How to study better?’ developed by PNN for schools were:

  • To psycho-educate students on how to better deal with studies and examination.
  • To enhance their mental skills and competencies regarding studies and better tackle with the problems.

The goals were not limited to these. Students gained various other aspects of motivation, learning, psychological aspects from the session.
Psychbigyaan Network Nepal team does various School Programs which includes-Mental Health Initiative, PESH Education and ‘How to study Better?’. Our major motive is to make everyone psychologically fit to tackle life.

Mini workshop team comprised of Ashish Kafle, Sujan Shrestha, Kripa Sigdel, BIkash Rai, ALisha Adhikari, Ranju Magar

For More Photos : https://www.facebook.com/psychbigyaan/posts/846015502167054

3 1


Students Doing an Activity of Mindfulness
Students Doing an Activity of Mindfulness


A student sharing!
A student sharing!
Few of the feedback after the program
Few of the feedback after the program






























FOr more photos : For More Photos : For more https://

Our special thanks to British Gorkha College for inviting us for the session.

School Programs are one of the major focus of PNN. Feel free to let us know if you want us to do our programs in your colleges.

One day Training Workshop on Motivational Interviewing

2 July 2016


Psychbigyaan Network Nepal (PNN) conducted one day workshop on the theme of “Motivational Interviewing” on 2nd of July 2016 with venue support from Global Peace Youth Corp (GPYC) Nepal. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Priti Pun, Masters in Mental Health Sciences with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) specialization from Flinders University Australia.


Motivational Interviewing (MI) was developed by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick and is described as a style of patient centred collaborative counselling which facilitates the change in health related behaviours. MI is a directive approach, not in a confrontational or ‘pushy’ way, but in a quiet eliciting style which allows the person to move towards change rather than it being externally imposed. Originally developed for use with people who had problems with alcohol and drugs, it has now been applied to a wide range of problem areas such as public health, mental health, medical school and even corporate systems as it is helpful in settings where there is resistance to change. The principles are simple yet less easy to apply in practice; the workshop will highlight the importance of MI and its application. The workshop was targeted towards counselors, therapists, social workers or allied health professionals, and anyone who are involved in change or motivational talk with their client or patients.



29 enthusiastic participants from different field like nursing, teaching, psycho social support, rehabilitation of trafficked women and students of psychology participated the workshop.



The workshop was started at 11:00 sharp after registration which was started from 10:00 in the morning. 6 hour-long workshop included 45 mins lunch break and 5 min tea-break in between. The workshop was conducted on the module of theoretical and practical activities conducted by Facilitator and helped by PNN members. The program ended with the Thank you Note from PNN to all the participants and facilitator Ms. Pun.


Overall, the workshop on “Motivational Interviewing” was successful as clear by the positive feedback of the participants. However, one of the common feedback was that the workshop should be extended and make it a 2 or 3 days workshop as the contents were really useful and it would help to go through them in even more detail with even more role-plays and practices.

Psychbigyaan Network Nepal (PNN) would like to thank Ms. Priti Pun for facilitating the workshop, GPYC Nepal for the venue and all the participants for making the workshop a success. PNN is encouraged and committed to conduct even more fruitful and large-scale workshops in the near future.

For more photos of activities of the event. Click  Here: Photos of One day MI workshop.




‘We Listen’ (Hami-Sunchhau)

What is ‘We Listen’ (Hami-Sunchhau)’?

We Listen is the name of the free of cost Psycho-social service provided for targeted beneficiaries with a strong chain of referral on behalf of PNN. IT is the voluntary initiation of Psychibigyaan Network Nepal (PNN) where we will try to be ear to everyone who wants to speak out. We believe most of the problem arises when we do not have any one listening to us actively, and here we try to be that ‘ear’ whom you can reach out if you have any problem.

Our initiations for ‘We Listen (हामी- सुन्छौ)’ :

  • We Listen-Space: A space where targeted beneficiaries can directly come and have individual session.
  • We Listen-Phone Hours: Time when targeted beneficiaries can call and take the service if they want to. (Coming soon)

Why We Listen?

Most of the problem arises when we do not have anyone to talk to. Also identifying the problem, stressors, challenges or mental condition is another challenge in finding way out in Mental health or Psychological problem. When vaiours mental health issues are sky-rocketing, we believe being somebody listening to non-judgmentally and under confidentiality bided by Psychological ethics, we can be a help to someone in need.

Here, ‘We Listen’ will be a program of our organization where we will give an empathetic space to everyone to share whatever problem they are going through.
When? Where?

  • ‘We Listen-Space’: Every First and Third Saturday from 2-5 PM at PNN center!

Chakrapath, Maharajung , 01-4378822

  • ‘We Listen- Hours’: SMS/Info- Us- anytime.

Phone no. 9860925199 / info@psychbigyaan.com

(Email and Text anytime you want, you will try to reach to you as per our capacity)


What / How we will do?

  • We will reply you satisfying your query.
  • We will be ear to you nonjudgmentally and bided by ethical considerations.
  • We will talk to you and soothe your problem.
  • We will try to ‘facilitate’ in problem identification and problem solving process
  • We will refer you to the appropriate organization or professionals if needed.



  • We are Psychology graduates working in the field of Psychology and Counseling. We are passionate about making people talk about Mental Health/ Psychology and passionate to help anyone in need. We believe most of the problem (esp. psychological) arises when we do not to have anyone to share it and here we want to be ear to anyone who wants to talk.
  • Our team comprises of ‘Psychology Graduates’ and ‘Psychology Graduates with Psycho-Social Counseling Training’.


Our Chain of Referrals/Advisors for We-Listen:

  • Trishna Gosh Bista, Clinical Psychologists
  • Ritesh Thapa, Psychiatrists
  • Rama Karki, Counselor/Psychologists
  • Gopal Dhakal, Psychologist/Counselor
  • Bishal Dahal, Human Resource Officer



  • We started We-Listen (Hami-Sunchhau) just after Earthquake in Tudhikhel to listen to people who are in need (especially psychological need and others aswell) to help them as per our capacity, to refer them to the professionals and bridge the gap between those people who weren’t listened to the necessary help. We-Listen program was well-received then. This encouraged us to be an ear to many others and we are working in this since then.
    Now, we are coming with ‘We-Listen Space’ aswell. Stay updated. Feedback would be appreciated.